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What is NicRX?
NicRX is an herbal smoking aid designed to ease the pain of cravings by helping to provide you with herbal relief from anxiety and other symptoms of addiction. NicRX also contains herbs that may help your body recover from the harmful effects of smoking.
How does NicRX work?
NicRX contains lobelia, also known as Indian tobacco, an herb long used to help people quit smoking. Indian tobacco is thought to create a similar effect on the brain as nicotine, but is not as detrimental to the body as nicotine. NicRX also uses Lobelia and Passion Flower to help ease anxiety and Elderberry Flower, Safflower, and Eleuthero Root to aid in cleansing the body from the effects of smoking while promoting wellness. For more information about how NicRX works, visit our How it Works page.
Does NicRX contain nicotine?
NicRX is 100% free of nicotine.
Does NicRX have a support program to help me quit?
The Smoking Cessation Center on this Web site was specifically designed to help smokers better deal with the non-physical aspects of quitting.
How long after my last cigarette should I wait before I begin using NicRX?
While you don't have to wait at all to begin using NicRX, we recommend starting use of NicRX on your "quit day" - that is, starting fresh.
Can I smoke while using NicRX?
No. Do not smoke or use any nicotine while using NicRX.
Can I use NicRX to help quit chewing tobacco, smoking cigars or using a pipe?
Absolutely -- NicRX helps you kick the nicotine habit regardless of the source.
Can I use NicRX if I'm pregnant or nursing?
Women who are pregnant or nursing should consult their doctors before taking this or any other herbal supplement.
When should I begin using NicRX?
You should begin using NicRX on the morning of your quit day.
What are the ingredients in NicRX?
Passion flower, ginger root, elderberry flower, skullcap herb, echinacea purpurea herb, safflower, sarsaparilla, eleuthero root, peppermint leaf, cayenne pepper and lobelia herb. NicRX also contains gelatin, silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate.
Does NicRX contain gluten, animal derivatives, latex or dairy products?
NicRX does not contain gluten, latex or dairy products. NicRX does contain gelatin, an animal derivative.
How many capsules do I use a day?
The recommended daily usage is 2 capsules a day. One of the benefits of using NicRX is that it's flexible. You are free to take an additional two capsules a day if cravings are severe (but no more than this).
Can teenagers use NicRX?
NicRX should not be used by people under the age of 18.
How should I store NicRX?
In order to ensure the efficacy of the herbal ingredients, NicRX should be stored in a cool, dry place.
Can I use NicRX if I have a medical condition?
As with any dietary supplement, you should talk to your doctor before using NicRX.
Can I use NicRX if I take other medications?
Consult your doctor about using NicRX when taking other medications.
Can I drink alcohol while using NicRX?
Alcohol does not interfere with NicRX, but be aware that alcohol does have the tendency to bring your guard down, making you more susceptible to slip ups. Alcohol is also bad for you. Therefore we recommend that you avoid alcohol while using NicRX.
Should I use NicRX that has expired?
Because some herbal ingredients may lose their effectiveness, you should not use NicRx after it has expired.
How will I feel when I stop smoking and start using NicRX?
That is different for everyone. Some people feel fine, while others experience what's known as the "quitters flu." This happens because the body has become so used to receiving its doses of nicotine and 4000+ chemicals and literally gets sick when it doesn't get them. Another reason people experience the "flu" is because mucus in the lungs loosens and must be expelled. While this might feel bad, this is actually a good thing. NicRX contains herbs that aid in lung function and help boost the immune system, so you get over the "quitters flu" faster. Other herbs provide relief from anxiety, while Indian tobacco is thought to create a similar effect as nicotine on the brain, helping ease you out of your nicotine addiction.
Will I gain weight if I quit smoking?
People gain weight when they quit smoking for two reasons. One is because their metabolism slows to its natural state. Another is because people who are in the middle of quitting smoking have the tendency to snack - sometimes packing in too many calories. If you're concerned about gaining weight after you quit smoking, read our healthy habits page for great tips for boosting metabolism and keeping the weight off.
What if I slip up while I'm using NicRX?
The important thing to do is renew your commitment to yourself and to quitting. Take note of the circumstances that led you to your slip up and get back on the wagon.
I've tried to quit smoking several times, but it's never worked. Why will it work this time?
It is incredibly difficult to quit smoking. You have to have the resolve, the support and the method that works for you. NicRX works for many people because of its powerful herbal ingredients, and the absence of nicotine. NicRX can help.