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All natural smoking aid calms cravings
and helps to cleanse your body, preparing
it for a wonderfully smoke free existence.

NicRx Helps You Quit

An addiction to cigarettes can be a hard thing to overcome. This is because your mind and body have become so use to the effects of smoking that they rebel without them. This rebellion, while temporary, can bring many would-be quitters over the edge.

NicRX helps to quiet this rebellion, providing the body with everything it needs to ease the pain of addiction to nicotine and tobacco, while also helping the body recover from the detrimental effects of smoking. The result is a powerful tool that can help you FREE YOURSELF FROM NICOTINE FOREVER.

NicRX's powerful herbal ingredients work synergistically to:

Ease the pain of nicotine cravings

Help to calm and relax the mind

Enhance mood to help prevent fatigue, tension and irritability

Aid in immune response

Work to cleanse and purify the body

NicRX does this by providing you with the best-known herbs for helping to quit smoking, including lobelia, an herb that produces similar effects on the central nervous system as nicotine, but is not addictive.

Quit Smoking the All Natural Way

When you're serious about quitting smoking, you need serious help. NicRX provides you with a powerful arsenal of herbal ingredients and is 100% nicotine free. Why would you want to use nicotine to recover from nicotine addiction? Thanks to NicRX, you don't have to.

NicRX is Guaranteed

If you're like many smokers, you've probably tried to quit a time or two. We are so sure that this will be the last time you quit that we've guaranteed NicRX for thirty days. Just think: thirty days from now, you may be smoke free! Order NicRX today!