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What Happens to My Body When I Quit Smoking?

Just twenty minutes after your last cigarette, your body starts to heal itself. Your blood pressure and heart rate returns to normal after just twenty minutes. In eight hours, oxygen levels return to normal, and carbon monoxide levels are cut in half. In twenty four hours, your body is completely free of carbon monoxide and in 48, your body is completely free of nicotine. This begins a healing process that will continue for many years once you quit smoking.

Physically, though, you might not feel so hot. When your body withdraws from smoking, it is withdrawing from tobacco, nicotine and more than 4000 additional chemicals present in every cigarette. The absence of these substances sets your body into a tailspin of temporary physical reactions. The key word here is temporary. What's more, they may be lessened by taking NicRX.

While in the process of quitting, you may experience what's known as the "quitters flu." During this "flu" you may begin coughing, as the mucus that has settled into your lungs begins to dislodge; this is sometimes accompanied by a tight feeling in your chest. While it feels bad, this is a normal reaction to something good that is going on within your body.

Other elements of this quitters flu include fatigue (your body is going through a lot right now and you should be patient with it, and give it the rest it needs); stomach pain; sore throat, tongue and gums, post nasal drip; dry mouth and headache. This is all happening because your body is reacting to change.

As your brain reacts to this change you will probably receive the worst onslaught of symptoms. They include anxiety, irritability, insomnia and a craving for cigarettes. This is all happening because your brain has been rewired to "want" nicotine. To reverse this takes a little bit of time and a lot of patience. But it's not impossible. More than a million people just like you quit smoking every year.

Of course, you can lessen these symptoms by taking NicRX, the herbal product designed to help you physically and mentally through the tough stages of becoming nicotine free.

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