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Creating a Quit Plan

Many people who have tried to quit and failed have said that they didn't quit because they weren't ready. If you're reading this now, you are ready. To avoid feeling differently when you're in the process of quitting, you can create a Quit Plan.

First, you should mentally prepare yourself for quitting. You can do this by following some of the journal prompts on the quit smoking journal page on this site.

Once you are mentally prepared, set a date for quitting. Make sure this doesn't correspond to any stressful dates, such as the week your boss is out of town or when your in-laws or visiting. You may also want to set your quit date for a day when you can take yourself away from your regular routine. Women should note that the urge to smoke is higher during the time just before their periods. To avoid quitting during this time, set your quit date to correspond to the first day of a new cycle.

Make plans for a smoke-free future.

Make a list of your smoking cues or triggers. Write a corresponding list to plan for how you will cope with these triggers.

Make a list of activities you can do to distract yourself from smoking when the urge hits.

Make a list of people you can call on for support. Let them know your plans for quitting and ask for their help during this time.

Get rid of all of the items you use to smoke or associate with smoking. This includes cigarettes, lighters, matches, ashtrays and cigarette butts. Clean out you car as well.

Make a list of things that you can do to reward yourself as you go. Make sure that you plan to reward yourself after the first day without smoking, the first week, the first month, the first six months and first year.

Arm yourself with knowledge. Read the content on this site to understand what smoking does to your body and what your body will be going through when you quit. NicRX provides powerful support to help you cope with these symptoms, but will not erase them completely.

Plan not to blame or judge yourself at this time.

Write I AM STRONG on a piece of paper. Know that you are, you can be, and you will get through this.

Plan to stay connected with during your quitting process. Follow the journal prompts and use the tips for quitting page for help along the way. » Smoking Cessation Center » Creating a Quit Plan