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How to Ease Your Cravings

Using NicRX is a great way to ease the pain of cravings. NicRx is flexible to use and incorporates powerful herbal ingredients that fight cravings. The NicRx formula helps to cleanse the body from the effects of smoking, while helping you relax naturally.

But no matter what you use to quit smoking, chances are that you wont be immune to the occasional craving. The most important thing to remember is that these cravings are temporary and that you can and will get thorough them.

If you experience strong cravings, remember that you can always take one or two additional NicRX capsules per day to help you better cope with those cravings. The following tips will help you cope with cravings large and small:

Participate in activities that make smoking difficult, such as gardening, exercising, going to the movies or washing your car.

Avoid places where smoking is permitted.

Use oral substitutes such as gum, mints, hard candy or lollipops.

Keep healthy snacks such as carrots and celery sticks on hand.

Use mouthwash.

When a craving hits, get up and move around. Go for a walk or do some jumping jacks.

Avoid the places you used to smoke. If you used to sit in your favorite chair and smoke, for example, avoid that chair until you have quit.

Avoid being around people who smoke. The temptation (and mental cues) may be too strong.

Spend time with non-smokers.

Lean on a friend for help.

Take a concentration break by closing your eyes and taking 3 long deep breaths, visualizing the clean, healthy air entering and leaving your body.

Quietly repeat "In a few moments, I will be over this. In a few days, I will be over this. In a few weeks, I will be over this. In a few months, I will be able to say that I quit smoking for good." Each and every statement is true.

No matter what you do to pacify your cravings, remember that while you may experience cravings now, they are a temporary, uncomfortable part of the very good thing you are doing for yourself and for your body, your family, your future, and your life. » Smoking Cessation Center » How to Pacify Your Cravings